How much do the units cost?
Each of our units daily, weekly and monthly rates can be found in the Rates section of this website.

Are there any additional charges that may occur during my stay?
Yes, all long distance phone calls, pay per view movies and other personal charges may be applied based on individual circumstances during your stay with us and they will be added to your bill as they arise.

Are all the utilities included?
Yes, these are complete turnkey units.

What is the minimum stay?
All of our VIP Housing units are intended to have a 30-day minimum stay; however, shorter stays can be arranged based on availability. If you stay longer than 30 days, the rate will be pro-rated per day.

Do I need to provide a notice before I leave?
Yes, all tenants must provide a 30-day written notice before vacancy to avoid any additional charges. This form can be found online in the Forms section, or you may pick one up from the leasing office.

What If I'm unsure how long our company will have me stay?
Just let our leasing staff know at the beginning of your lease and we can accommodate sudden changes in your schedule. If you need to extend your stay, please contact the main office and make arrangements with our leasing staff.

Can you bill my employer?
Yes, Temporary VIP Housing specializes in working closely with companies to help facilitate an easy travel experience for their employees by providing corporate billing. If you and your employer are splitting the cost, we can separate the charges to meet your companies needs.

Can I have my insurance company reimburse you?
Absolutely, we will gladly work with your personal business insurance company to establish billing arrangements.
Can I bring a pet?
Some VIP Housing properties do allow for one-two small dogs to stay with you during your stay. An additional deposit will be required and the Pet Addendum form will need to be filed with the main office. Large pets, cats and exotic animals are not allowed at any of our community properties. In the unfortunate circumstance where your pet will not be allowed to stay with us, our staff can assist you in finding a proper boarding facility during your time of stay.

Are there washers and dryers available?
Yes, all VIP units will have a washer and dryer located on site for your convenience, and most units will have them inside.

Where can my kids or guest stay?
Temporary VIP Housing does offer two and three bedroom units that will accommodate the occasional visit from friends or family. Most units can even be furnished with bunk beds or two twin beds.

Do your units have an office?
All VIP Housing apartments come furnished with a desk, chair and Internet connection to help facilitate your home office needs while you are away.

Do you offer unfurnished apartments?
No, but we do offer furniture packages through our rental store to accommodate you if you choose to stay at an alternate location.

Do you have any studio apartments?
No, all our apartments are one, two or three bedroom units.

Are there smoking units available?
Although over 90% of our units are non-smoking, we do occasionally have a smoking unit available. All of our guests are more than welcome to smoke outside the apartment, on a patio or balcony; however, ashtray waste must be kept clean. Smoking waste should never be brought in the apartment and must be properly extinguished in a receptacle. Please call for availability.
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Please look below at our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to help you better understand Temporary VIP Housing and all we have to offer.
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Where are the units located?
For the privacy of our tenants, we will not give out specific addresses until a unit has been assigned to an individual company; however, Temporary VIP Housing owns and subleases many units from the nicest apartment companies located in the city of Ridgecrest. You can be assured that you will be located in a clean complex that features the same amenities found in the big cities.

How far are the apartments from my work?
All of our units are conveniently located within 3 miles of the hospital, base and downtown shopping districts. The average tenant is typically within five miles of their worksite.

Are there restaurants, movie theaters and shopping districts close by?
Yes, just like the proximity to work, you will find many of the big city activities located conveniently close to where you will be staying. You can even use our Current Guest section of this website to check on show times, find out what restaurants are located in the area, and even see what retail stores are located in shopping districts near your apartment.
What do I do if there is an emergency?
Please visit the Contact Us portion of our website to speak to an agent in the main office, or to find other numbers for non-life threatening emergencies. If an emergency is life threatening, please call 911 immediately.

I'm missing a key for the mailbox, laundry room, pool, or another facility located on my site.
Please call the main office and a leasing agent will assist you in getting a replacement key.

I'm moving out, how do I get my mail forwarded?
You can file a change of address form online from the United States Post Service.

Where am I supposed to park?
Many complexes have specific parking spots that correspond to the unit you will be assigned. Additionally, there will always be open parking spaces located near your apartment that can be used for second and third vehicles.

Can I get house keeping?
Yes. There will be an additional charge for the service, but Temporary VIP Housing provides weekly and monthly cleaning services. For more information, please see the House Keeping section on our website.

Are there barbecue grills on site?
Yes, all units will have a barbecue located directly outside the apartment on the patio or balcony.

What do I do with my keys when I move out?
During regular business hours you can drop off all keys at the main office. Outside normal business hours, we have a drop box conveniently located outside the main office.
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